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You are here for a reason, and that reason would be that you know that Macs and MacBooks are some of the best consumer technological advancements till date. Welcome to the list of some of the best Macs and MacBooks in 2019. Because of the heightened competition with other brands, the best Macs are even better and more powerful than ever, because of their increased specifications and also they have been made thinner and lighter than ever. The design is one of the best things that you can expect.

We have actually never seen a Mac product this powerful, and we are actually going to be talking about these products for months to come before they are updated again next year. Apple updates their products once every year and it is indeed impressive. One important thing that you need to know is that Apple updates their design every two or three years. We can see that this happened with the iPhone. The iPhone 6 had an all-new design. That exact design carried over to iPhone 6S then the 7 and then the 8. That being said, the 8 didn’t exactly look like the 6, but the dimensions and the overall concept looked very similar. But the 8 was updated with wireless charging as well as glass backs and water-resistance. The same applies to Macs as well. Apple actually updates the MacBook Air after years. Now let us get to the Macs that I have been talking about.

  • The Mac Mini is actually a box which becomes a Mac when connected into a monitor. You will have to but a wireless keyboard as well as a wireless mouse to use it. It would be best if you bought everything that you need at the Apple Store. You will be choosing in a wide range of 8th generation Intel Core chips. You can choose between an i3 and an i7 chip as well. You will be given a choice between an 8GB RAM to a 32GB RAM. You can also choose your own storage options which start from 128GB, and it goes up to 2TB.

smooth the performance

  • The MacBook Pro 15 inch has proven to be one of the most amazing machines which have been loved by millions of people globally. You can do so much with it, photographers, music producers, movie makers, and many more professions have actually been loving these products because of how powerful they are and also because of how smooth the performance is.
  • Apple iMac 2019 is indeed the best desktop that you can buy; it sports a 5K display as well.
  • The New MacBook Air is a solid entry with an excellent screen with lovely design and a mind-blowing battery life.


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