Switching from Windows to Mac is quite a change. Macbooks can be confusing in the beginning, but once learnt, they are incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Ten things that every new mac owner should know are:

Backup plan

Every mac owner should backup their Mac and one of the most convenient way to do it is using the Time machine. Time machine creates hourly, weekly and even monthly backups.

Using icloud

Every Mac should be synced to icloud as it helps in accessing photos, documents, music and movies on any device that is signed in to the icloud account.

Apps from Mac App Store

Apps from Mac App Store

Any application for entertainment, games, travel, etc., that are downloaded in one device will also be automatically downloaded to other apple devices that are linked to the Apple ID.

Using Siri

Siri is more like a personal assistant and can be used for setting reminders, search functions, playing music, dropping in calls etc.

Setting up automatic updates

Apple regularly updates the system with newer and better features. The automatic update would make sure that the users do not miss out on anything new.



Spotlight helps users find everything they need on the Mac. The users can click on the search icon and type in any word, file name or phrase. It not just helps in searching through the files, folders and documents in the Mac but also search the internet for information.

Setting up default application

People generally prefer viewing their files, images, movies etc., in a specific application program. Mac gives you the freedom to choose your default application and to set it up, in the beginning, is a good idea. Setting up default application is useful when the users have multiple applications that can open a particular file in the Mac.

Setting up personal keyboard shortcuts

Mac gives users the freedom to set up their own keyboards shortcuts which they are comfortable with. Apart from the default shortcuts, mac users can easily customize the shortcuts that they might require the most.

Customizable Trackpad Settings

Customizable Trackpad Settings

Mac users also can customize their trackpad settings. Gestures, scrolling and zooming options and pointing and clicking options can all be customized in a mac according to the user’s comfort level.

Closing, Minimizing and Maximizing buttons

Unlike windows, clicking the red button at the left-hand side upper corner only hides the application and does not close it. To close an application, the user must close the app from the dock. The yellow button minimizes the application to the dock, and the green button minimizes and maximizes the application.

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